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What to do Checklist

1.  Read the Enrollment Process for New and Returning Students. Contact the school your child will attend.  Provide the school office 
     with an email address so they can send you the registration information.
2.  Register for PowerSchool Registration InfoSnap with the Snapcode you were given. 
3.  Use the information from the school office to setup your Power School Parent Portal.  Click here to download the handout for 
     setting up the parent portal.


4.  Create a MySchoolBucks account - This allows online payment of school fees and addition of lunch money to your child's account.  
     Access the
school payment system at

5.  Check your email for an InfoSnap letter that will give you directions on creating an InfoSnap account and allow you to complete
     the registration for your child.


6.  Check this link after Aug. 9th to verify your child's transportation information. The user name is your student’s
     ID number, the password is the student’s birthday in the following format, mmddyyyy (example 06252001 for June 25, 2001).


7.  After Aug. 9th login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal to view your child's class information.