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Online Payments

Q. How do I pay my registration fees online?


A.  Use the MySchoolBucks website to create an account and pay registration fees and pay for school lunches.


Q.  How do I use the MySchoolBucks service.


A.  Please refer to MySchoolBucks Parent Information Letter

Q.  What is the cost for using the MySchoolBucks service?


A.  Currently the Highland district does NOT charge a fee to process online MySchoolBucks payments.


Q.  Can I pay my registration fees without a credit card online?


A.  Yes,  you will be able to use EFT (electronic funds transfer) or you can send a check to the school to complete your payments.


Q.  Can I setup a payment plan to pay registration fees?


A.  Yes, please contact the Administrative Office at 654-2106 to discuss payment plans.