Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the following credit and course requirements to receive a diploma from Highland High School:

Students need the following credits to graduate: 25 credits

Graduation requirements are listed below.

  • 4.0 English Credits, including English I, II, and III
  • 3.0 Math Credits (Illinois law requires 3 years of Math, including Algebra and Geometry)
  • 2.0 Science Credits
  • 1.0 U.S. History Credit, including passing the US and IL Constitution Tests
  • 1.0 World History Credit
  • 1.0 Credit chosen from any of the following: Art, Music, Foreign Language, or Vocational Education
  • 0.5 Health Credit
  • 0.5 Civics Credit (for class of 2020 and beyond)
  • One of the following courses to meet Illinois' Consumer Education requirement:
    • 0.5 Credit: Personal Finance (junior or senior)
    • 0.5 Credit: Economics
    • 0.5 Credit: AP Economics
    • 1.0 Credit: Agriculture Business Management (senior)
  • PE
  • Electives (your choice)

Parent Nights and College Fairs

Virtual College Exploration Sept. 14th- Oct 22nd

The goal of the Virtual College Exploration program is to provide students with a wealth of college search information, allow them to browse and learn about different colleges, and ask questions of admissions counselors, all in a safe, flexible, online format. The program consists of college knowledge sessions on topics such as finding a college that fits, choosing a major, tips for writing a college essay, and more, presented by admission counselors. The program will also feature information sessions from a wide variety of colleges and universities.

Registration will be open Aug. 24th- more info to follow.