SEMESTER I FINAL EXAMS- OPTIONAL FINAL EXAMS for grades 9, 10, 11,12 are scheduled for December 21 & 22, and Make-Up Exams occur Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Please see the info below for more details on Semester I exams.

Final Exam Format:

  • Final Exams for 9-12 grade students are encouraged, but considered optional in most cases.
  • Final Exams take place Dec 21 and Dec 22 with the Regular HHS Schedule
  • Students are only required to attend class on Dec 21 and Dec 22 if a Final Exam is taken
  • Final Exams may be required for certain AP, Dual Credit (SWIC and SLU), Collinsville Vocational, PLTW, and other classes per teacher and course expectations.
  • End of term course activities taken prior to or during finals may include cumulative and/or chapter tests, semester reviews, projects, skills assessments, portfolios, writing samples, course summary, reflection activities, etc.
  • Students taking an OPTIONAL Final Exam can improve their overall grade, but not lower it
  • Grading for Students Taking Final Exams: Qtr. 1 & Qtr. 2 40% each, Final Exam 20%
  • Grading for Students Not Taking Final Exams: Qtr. 1 & Qtr. 2 each count 50%
  • Remote Learners are encouraged to take Final Exams in-person when possible
  • Students are required to take Final Exams on scheduled days