HHS Library is open Monday-Friday 7:15-3:00 (closed for lunch)

Bulldog Grounds is open Monday-Friday 7:15-First Bell and open all class hours except for 5th Hour  



HHS Library is a member of the Illinois Heartland Library System, which provides access to approximately three million books and 525 libraries. The catalog is available online and may be accessed from any computer with Internet access (home or at school). HHS students are able to access books from other libraries. Delivery is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The library has four computers dedicated to online search and can also be used for typing papers. HHS Library has approximately 9,000 books, access to several electronic databases, and provides access to print copies of the Highland News-Leader and 35 magazine subscriptions.

Students must have their student ID for checkout. They are allowed two books for checkout, unless more are needed for research. Books may be renewed online or taken to the library for renewal. The library is fine free unless the book(s) are not returned at the end of the school year. Students will then be charged for the book(s).

Students who wish to use the library during FTT must pick up a pass from the library staff or may come to the library all other times throughout the day with a pass from their classroom teacher. The time in the library can be used for working on projects or assignments. Students are discouraged from using the library to meet up with friends to study or use social media. Cell phones are not allowed in the library. When coming to the library, students will be asked to sign in, give the library staff their pass, and place their phones in the phone caddy. When leaving the library, students are to sign out and take their pass and cell phone with them and return promptly to class. Students in the library should also respect those using the coffee shop for studying purposes. Those who violate the use of the library will lose those privileges.




7:15 am - First Bell:
Students may visit the coffee shop using the East stairwell. A student worker will be in the hallway directing students to Bulldog Grounds and watch for them to exit back down the same stairwell, so they are not be roaming upstairs. Faculty on morning duty and administration will monitor these concerns.

Bulldog Grounds is open ALL CLASS HOURS except 5th Hour:
Sales are stopped one minute before the bell. If students are late, it is because they chose to stay. They are informed to go to class and get a pass if and when the teacher will allow it. Teachers should send no more than three students at a time to the coffee shop. Bulldogs Grounds closes at 2:15 pm to clean up/prep for the next day.

There should be no more than 2-3 students at a time able to come to Bulldog Grounds. Students should bring a coffee shop pass with their name on it. A time and date will be written on the pass when leaving the coffee shop. Students should bring a signed pass back to class...just like the orange passes. Students may study for projects or assignments similar to the library, but will be discouraged from coming to meet up with friends to hang out on social media. Students are allowed to come to the coffee shop for an extended period, but they need to have a pass and have actual work to accomplish. Students in the coffee shop should not disrupt library operations. Violators will lose coffee shop privileges and receive disciplinary consequences as deemed necessary.