Bus transportation is available to all Highland High School students. It is recommended that students use the bus transportation to get to and from school.

Students who use cars for transportation to and from school are expected to comply with the regulations listed below. These regulations are reasonable and are for the protection of everyone.

  1. Parking permit tag must be displayed at all times. The parking fee of $75.00 for a full year or $37.50 for a single semester should be turned in along with the student driver parking application.

  2. Vacate car immediately upon arrival. Students are not allowed to sit in cars before school, during lunch, or any other time of the school day. Upon vacating your car--LOCK YOUR DOORS. This is to protect your belongings and to keep your parking tag from being stolen. Students should report any vandalism or theft to the office immediately. The police will be notified and a report made.

  3. Students driving cars to school must fill out an application for a parking tag and pay a yearly, semester, or daily fee. License plates must be registered with the office. If students forget their parking stickers or drive a different vehicle to school, they must inform the high school office. All vehicles must be registered in the office. PARKING PERMITS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE. They are to be used only by the person to whom they were issued and on family vehicles that have been properly registered. The principal must approve all parking lot applications.

  4. The hanging parking tag is to be displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle at all times while on the school parking lot. Failure to display the tag may result in driving privileges being suspended. If the permit is lost or stolen, a replacement must be purchased for $2.00.

  5. Students whose driving behavior is reckless or irresponsible, or who have a disciplinary referral, may have all parking privileges suspended for part or all of the school year. Revocation of driving privileges pertains to the student driver and his or her vehicle and any other vehicle he or she may drive to school. No refund will be given for the parking tag if a student’s driving privileges are suspended.

  6. Students’ cars are subject to search without suspicion of wrongdoing.

  7. All students must park their cars in their assigned parking lot during school hours. Park in the High School Lot ONLY. No students are allowed to park on the faculty parking lot under any circumstances. Cars will be towed (at student’s expense) if illegally parked. Parking spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. There are no reserved spaces for students.

  8. If, under certain circumstances, a student drives to school and parks on the lot without a permit, the student must stop by the office to obtain a temporary parking tag. There should be no vehicles parked in the lot without a tag.

  9. Smoking is not allowed on school property. This includes the parking lot. Students are not allowed to smoke in their vehicles on the school lot at any time.

  10. Parking lot fees help provide limited lot supervision. Students are still responsible for appropriate driving behavior and still need to take every precaution to protect their vehicles. Contact the high school office immediately when an accident, theft, or vandalism occurs; the office will call the police. Monitoring of the parking lot by cameras is the right of the school district.