Intramurals, Fine Arts (Band, Chorus, Swing Choir, Musicals), JAVPAAK, National Geography Spelling Bee, Reading, Special Olympics, Veteran's Day Activities, and Washington DC Trip.


TBD, Athletic Director: @highlandcusd5.org

The intramural program at Highland Middle School is for any 6th-8th grade student and offers a wide variety of activities that spark kids' interests. Offerings change depending on student request and interest, but include things like basketball (boys and girls), outdoor activities, Pokemon, board games, Science experiments, chess, soccer, cooking, and wrestling. These activities are held after school and typically end at 4:00 pm.

Sign-up dates are announced during the weekly announcements on the Powerschool Daily Bulletin and posted on the web site throughout the school year. Check back for more details. Most of the intramural programs meet twice a week for a month and cost $15.00 for the program.

Fine Arts

Band, Chorus & Musical Activities

Greg Allen, Teacher gallen@highlandcusd5.org **Remember: Practice Sheets are due every week during sectionals.

Mr. Andrew Gibb-Clark, Teacher agibbclark@highlandcusd5.org

Swing Choir
Mr. Andrew Gibb-Clark, Teacher agibbclark@highlandcusd5.org

Musicals HMS musicals are junior versions of adapted classic and contemporary musicals into 70-minute editions which are perfect for middle-school aged performers. Students who love to act, dance, and sing are encouraged to tryout for HMS musicals.


WINTER JAVPAAK IS COMING, December 2020. !!!

Information will be coming soon!

National Geography Bee Competition

The test is optional for students in grades 4-8. The top ten scorers on the test vie for the title of Highland Geography Bee Champion and the opportunity to qualify for the State Geography Bee. The state champion travels to Washington, D. C. for the chance at a $25,000 college scholarship.


To encourage reading at Highland Middle School, each semester we have a goal of reading pages to meet. If we meet the goal the first semester the students are rewarded with a special treat and we set a higher goal for the second semester with a bigger reward. Both staff and students keep track of the number of pages they have read. All staff and students are encouraged to turn in pages that they have read so that they can enjoy the reward. Some of the special rewards we have had in the past when the students have met or exceeded their goal have been being able to eat lunch outside and having music outside, dilly bars, and field trips. Below is a link to the AR Bookfinder. If you are trying to find out whether a quiz is available, or you are having trouble locating the ID number of a book, you will most likely be able to find the information here. http://www.arbookfind.com/default.aspx

Special Olympics

The purposes of Special Olympics are to promote and provide in a variety of sports at the athlete's level of ability and to enhance the enjoyment of recreational activities. The program begins in August and ends in June. All students eight years old or older who are involved in a special education program 50% or more of their school time may participate. A student who has handicapping conditions preventing involvement in a regular athletic program may also participate. This program is not sponsored by Highland Community Schools, but many of our students and teachers participate through the Region II Special Olympics office.

Veteran's Day Activities

The annual Veterans Day at Highland Middle School is one of the most exciting and heart-warming days of the school year. We at Highland Middle School are hoping that you mark your calendars, share this information with other Veterans, and consider spending the school day with Highland Middle School students.

Washington DC Trip

Mr. Chris Hartlieb, Sponsor chartlie@highlandcusd5.org October 16 through the 19th, 2020, a group of students and teachers from the middle school travel to our nation's capitol. The students, who pay for their own trip, leave on Friday afternoon and fly to the D.C. area for three days and three nights before returning home late Monday. The U. S. Capitol, Washington Monument, White House, Smithsonian Institution, and Arlington National Cemetery are just a few of the stops on this exciting trip.