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Mr. Matt Baumgartner, Asst. Principal

Mrs. Tarah Rottmann, School Social Worker

Ms. Lindsey Felchner, School Psychologist

The Student Assistance Program is designed to identify and provide assistance to students with problems in the areas of behavior, attendance, health, and/or academics which may be adversely affecting their school performance. This team of teachers, trained in the SAP process, follow the SAP steps to direct adolescents to appropriate services in the school or community. Students may be referred to the program by teachers, parents, and other students. This is an assistance program, not a disciplinary program.


Writing code is going to be huge as our kids grow up. Getting a head start now will help. If your child would like to continue playing the games that teach code, go to


SIUE is going to provide help for students who need help with homework on weekends and evenings. HMS is excited to be able to partner with SIUE and offer this to our parents and students. We regularly find that our students are unable to find help with their homework at home and sometimes find "creative" ways to complete their homework. This is a free tutoring hotline for students in grades 6 to 8. Trained SIUE college students will be available to answer the phone lines at 618-650-3072 between the hours of 6:00 and 10:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday starting September 5, 2020 and will run through April 28, 2020. We will continue to work with student populations within the 5th – 8th grade level with a focus on mathematics. As a parent, principal and teacher, I am excited to have this as an option to students in our area. Click on the red telephone on the Home Page to get more information.


We would like to invite all students, parents, and staff to stop by and see us. Mrs. Rottmann is located in room 102, Ms. Felchner in room 101 and Mrs. Martin in 206, all near the main office. We can be reached by phone at 651-8800, or at our email addresses.

Some services we may provide include talking with students, consulting with teachers and parents, counseling in individual and group settings, leading skills acquisition and divorce support groups, and assisting with academic, personal, health, and career development. In addition, if you are concerned about academics, we can assist you by considering options such as after school tutoring, consultation with the team of teachers, or possible referrals for further academic testing. Mrs. Martin also has information and resources on various health issues.


After-school tutoring is offered to all students at Highland Middle School. Tutoring is held every Monday and Wednesday for grades 7 and 8 from 2:45 - 3:45 pm. and Tuesday and Wednesday for grade 6 from 2:45 to 3:45 pm. There is a faculty member present to assist students for each grade.

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Highland Middle School provides a tutoring program for all students who would like additional help with study skills, organization, and academics.  This after-school time will provide a number of students with the extra support needed to help them succeed at HMS and more importantly, in life. Your son or daughter was recommended as possibly benefiting from such additional help. It is a voluntary option for your son or daughter.

A supervising/certified HMS teacher and a trained HMS or HHS student will provide assistance with homework and help with organization and study skills in a small group setting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 651-8800. We look forward to helping your child have a successful academic experience at HMS. Please keep in mind that this is a free service we provide utilizing student volunteers as tutors. If your child is signed up for tutoring and is not able to attend a session, please send a note or call the office to let the tutoring staff know your child will not be present. Parent contact will be made if a student who is registered for tutoring is not in attendance.


Highland Middle School Tutoring Staff