The Media Center is open 7:30 am to 3:15 pm every school day.

Occasionally a class may use the library.

Books are due on or before the date the librarian stamps on the date due slip in the book. That date is two weeks from the time the book is checked out.


If you need a book longer than two weeks, bring it to the library to renew.

Lost Books

If a student loses a library book, please report that loss to the librarian. Students should pay for lost books within one month from the due date. If the book is later found, the amount the student paid will be refunded to him, minus an overdue fine.

Overdue Books

The fine for overdue items is five cents per school day until the book is returned, up to a maximum of the replacement price of the book. RETURN OVERDUE BOOKS TO THE LIBRARIAN - DO NOT put them in the book return. Fines stop when books are checked in by the librarian. If you are absent, no fines will be charged for the days you were sick; however, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate this to the librarian.

Please pay all fines or work them off promptly.


Current issues of magazines are in special covers on display shelves and may only be used in the library. Older issues may be checked out.

Reference Books & Encyclopedias

Some reference books may be checked out overnight only. These books are clearly marked. They are due before classes begin the following morning. If not needed by other students, these may be renewed. Fines will be five cents per day.