Presently we have more than 75 Pillars registered throughout the Highland Community School District with over 35 of them already assigned to various tasks. These tasks include helping classroom teachers tutoring, listening to students read, working with computers, preparing materials to be used by students, running copies, displaying student work, working on bulletin boards, preparing Friday Folders, and covering paperback books. We also have several Pillars serving as librarians, helping with fund raisers, scheduling and restocking math and science kits, assisting school secretaries, helping school nurses with record keeping, and some who share their expertise as guest speakers.

We sincerely believe that the Pillars program and the people working within it do much to enrich the learning process and expand the learning environment for our children. Pillars do much to increase the amount of individual attention the teachers can give to their students. They also free teachers from several clerical chores that affords them more time to plan instructional lessons. This is highly beneficial, especially in light of the present crowded conditions in most classrooms.

Donating just two hours a week will help both students and teachers. It also will strengthen the partnership between the school and the community. If you are interested in becoming a Pillar please complete the attached form. Then return the completed form to any school office to the attention of Mr. Mike Sutton, Superintendent. Later, we will contact you about specific tasks that need to be done in the building in which you prefer to do volunteer work. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all of our present Pillars for the fine work they are doing!